Swedish massage

Swedish massage is one of the most common types of massage in the Western world, as it is the cornerstone of sports massage, deep tissue massage, and massage accompanying aromatherapy, in addition to many other types of massage known in the West. Swedish massage is based on the principle of anatomy and physiology, in contrast to Asian massages that rely mainly on the principle of energy in the body.
Swedish massage sessions range from 50-60 minutes and may extend to 90 minutes to get the best result. Swedish massage may include slow and soft movements or strong movements, and the method used depends on the preference of the masseur and the result he wants to achieve.
For people who are more tolerant of pain and pressure or who suffer from chronic muscle pain, it is best to resort to deep tissue massage, which is one of the types of Swedish massage, while reminding that a person with chronic muscle pain usually needs several treatment sessions to obtain the desired results.